We are an independent, charitable non-profit, governed by a volunteer board in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Learn more about our board and staff members on those pages of our website blandfordnaturecenter.org

Using 143 acres of land and wildlife as the backdrop, Blandford Nature Center provides education and community programs that:

  • Educate our community to understand our environment, our heritage, and our connection to natural systems.
  • Engage people to actively use natural spaces and adopt sustainable practices.
  • Empower people to embrace nature and new perspectives.

Blandford Nature Center believes children and adults learn best through personal experience. Our job, and our passion, is to invite our community to get their hands dirty in nature – whether that be standing knee-high in water to learn about stream ecology or planting squash seeds to start a garden.

Our Wildlife Center rehabilitates birds of prey, reptiles, and amphibians. We have two dedicate staff members and a handful of amazing volunteers that make it possible for the rehab center to run. We run on donations and rely on people just like you to be able to take care of the hundreds of animals we rehab each year.

In addition to our rehab animals, we take care of a number of permanent residents that reside with us year round because their injuries were too severe to survive in the wild.

This blog will serve as your behind the scenes look at what happens in our Wildlife Center.



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