I Found an Animal

At Blandford Nature Center, we have several animals with injuries too severe to be fully repaired. Unable to survive in the wild, a special few of these animals are provided a long term home in our Wildlife Education Center.


Every day our permanent resident animals are fed, their cages are cleaned, they are given medical treatments when necessary, and they participate in educational programming that reaches thousands of students.


Can we take your injured animal?


We accept birds of prey and reptiles. In Kent County, the other two main wildlife rehabbers are:


  • Peg Markle, Wildlife Rehab Center LTD, 616-361-6109
  • Sjana Gordon, Michigan Wildlife Center, 616-885-4223 (the only rehabber in Kent County that takes in raccoons)


It is illegal to rehab skunks, bats, and deer in Michigan, so there are no wildlife rehabilitators that can take them in.


Blandford Nature Center does not allow the release of animals on to the property, for the safety and well-being of the animals that already call Blandford home. 


Special information about baby animals


Many of the baby animals brought to Blandford Nature Center don’t need our help, and bringing them in greatly decreases their chance of survival.


Unless you are a licensed rehabber, please do not try to raise wild baby animals! It is illegal to possess a wild animal without the proper permits. Wild animals carry diseases that can be passed onto humans. Wild animals can be imprinted onto humans, losing their fear and decreasing their chances of survival in the wild, and increasing their chances of attacking people. Specific diets and housing needs are necessary for animals that many people are not aware of, which can disfigure or kill these animals. If you do want a pet rabbit, turtle, etc., please go to your local pet store or animal shelter only after researching how to properly care for these animals.


Your support is needed!


Donations make it possible for Blandford to help injured animals, as well as take care of our permanent residents. Your donations will help enrich the lives of our permanent residents and the lives of all the school children and adults who enjoy the presence of wildlife at Blandford.

Our wish list includes items that will help the Wildlife Education Center in particular, and you can always give online or visit us in person and get to know the animals and programs you’re supporting!  You can also sponsor an animal, check out the various sponsorship options.


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