How You Can Help

At Blandford Nature Center, we have several animals with injuries too severe to be fully repaired. Unable to survive in the wild, a special few of these animals are provided a long term home in our Wildlife Education Center.

Every day our permanent resident animals are fed, their cages are cleaned, they are given medical treatments when necessary, and they participate in educational programming that reaches thousands of students.

Unfortunately, these daily activities cost time and money. Without the support of our community our operations would cease to exist. There are many ways that you can help keep our animals fed and our programs growing:

1. Donating is an amazing way to enrich the lives of our permanent residents and provide treatment to those we are rehabbing. You can stop by in person or  donate online.

2. Sponsor an animal to help cover the costs of our resident animals. Visit here to learn more.

3. We have many items on our wish list that the Education Center needs. Look under the heading Wildlife Center and donate!

4. Book a Wildlife Gift Package for $50! This package allows one person with a great opportunity to tour the Wildlife Department, participate in feeding the animals, get your picture taken with a selected animal, and a free screen-printed Blandford t-shirt. Please contact Lori/Sam at 616-735-6240 ext 15 to schedule a package.

5. Blandford’s On The Road programs can bring environmental education to your school, senior center, company gathering, or family event. We offer wildlife presentations, schoolyard activities, and lessons that engage everyone in discovering their relationship to natural systems and food cycles. Contact Katie at 616-735-6240 ext 11 to learn more.


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