FAQ’s (Winter)

Q: I’ve noticed that some of my squirrels seem to be missing fur like they have mange. Can my pets get this and how can I help?

A:What you are seeing is indeed a type of mange. This type of mange is caused by the Notoedric mite and is host specific; therefore your pets can not contract this type of mange. Squirrels nest in cavities together over winter and also feed together thus increasing their chance of passing on the mites. There is medicine, but squirrels will just re-infect each other later. The mange will not directly kill them, so its best to just let it take its course.

Q: Do bears hibernate?

A: Bears are actually not true hibernators. They do something a little different called denning. Like hibernators, bears will drop their body temperature and slow their heart and breathing rates, but they can easily be awoken from their “sleep” unlike in hibernation. During winter thaws and warm weather, bears may even get up and walk around before going back into their den.

Q: When is it safe to bring in my Hummingbird feeder for the winter?

A: Hummingbirds begin to migrate south anywhere from July to November. Leaving your feeder up for too long will not cause them to stay and prolong migration. These guys will need to double their body weights in preparation for their long journey and will appreciate your feeders. The best time to remove your feeders  is by observing when the last hummingbird visits and take your feeders in two weeks after that.

Q: I found a frog in one of my plants that I brought in for winter. What should I do?

A: This is a common occurrence. What you should do is wait until it starts warming up and you can place your plant back outside. The frog should be fine living in your plant until winter is over. If the sound of a frog living in your house over winter doesn’t sound appealing you can call your local nature center and they will take the frog for you.


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