Current Rehab Critters

These are our current rehab critters that we have housed at Blandford. All these guys are up for adoption through our Adopt a Rehab Program. Our program allows you to “adopt” one of our rehab critters to help with the medication, care, and food for their stay with us at Blandford. The care of a single bird of prey costs upwards of $500. With a small donation of $25 you’ll receive a fact sheet about the animal, a picture, a certificate of adoption, and an invitation to the release of the animal back into the wild. For more information you can find it here or you can call Sam at (616) 735 – 6240.

Painted Turtles!!!

Painted Turtles!!!

The four painted turtles in the water came to us after someone had been keeping them as illegal pets for over a year. Their shells were soft and they were severely malnourished. Seven turtles were brought to us and only these four made it. We’ve been keeping them fed with extra vitamins and UV light so that their shells can grow nice and strong. Hopefully these guys will start growing!

The larger painted turtle came to us after being seized from a person who kept it as an illegal pet. He is also severely malnourished and will  be staying with us until we can get him nice and strong!

Blanding's Turtle

Blanding’s Turtle

This Blanding’s Turtle was hit by a car that left a large gaping hole in it’s shell. None of its organs were damaged. We will be keeping this guy until his shell can heal on its own. This is something that can take years to happen. He will be with us for quite awhile.

Baby Screech Owl

Baby Screech Owl

This baby Screech Owl was found after a tree had been cut down out of someone’s yard. The baby had very cloudy eyes similar to when Baby the Barred Owl came to us. We’ve been giving him medicated eye drops and its eyes have cleared up! This little guy will be fostered by our two resident screech owls until it is old enough.

A red phase screech

A red phase screech

This guy was found abandoned by his parents along with it’s sibling that passed away. It is almost ready to be released. We will be putting it outside in a rehab enclosure to make sure it can fly well and can hunt on its own. Then it will be released!!!!

The Osprey eating a huge fish

The Osprey eating a huge fish

While technically the Osprey will be a permanent resident, I wanted to give an update on his care. His wound where his wing was amputated is healing very, very well. He is getting more, and more comfortable with Wildlife Staff. The next step for us is to start work on his enclosure. If you are interested in donating to the Osprey enclosure fund please give Sam a call at 616-735-6240.



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