Our Famous Saw-Whet Owl

22 Aug

Our Saw-Whet owl, Mr. Bean, has sky rocketed to fame as a video featuring him has become an internet sensation. In the video you can see Mr. Bean chilling out in front of a fan on a hot summer’s day. This video has now garnered over 160,000 views on youtube and has been seen on the tv show What What Happens Live on the Bravo Network. How cool is that? If you haven’t seen it check it out below…

Mr. Bean came to us in 2008 after he hit a window. His wing ended up with some nerve damage rendering him unable to fly. Mr. Bean enjoys spending time outside of his enclosure checking out all the other critters in the wildlife center. Although his size would suggest that he is a baby, Bean is full grown adult owl. Saw Whet owls are Michigan’s smallest owl species, but is not the world’s smallest owl. That title goes to the Northern Pygmy Owl and the Elf Owl both of which are not found in Michigan. Baby the Barred Owl and Mr. Bean aren’t really on friendship terms, but they like going on adventures to schools to teach kids all about Michigan’s wildlife. You can bring these critters to your school or function by calling Katie at (616)735-6240 and scheduling a Blandford on the Road program. If you’d like to see this superstar make sure to come and visit him at Blandford Nature Center. He appreciates all of the attention that he gets.

And now some cuteness overload with your local celebrity Mr. Bean…

So cute!

So cute!



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