Bob Goes To The Vet

26 Sep

Bob had his yearly visit to the vet today and just like any cat he absolutely hated it. Wildlife Staff had to pester him until he went into his carrier. He has been trained to know how to do this on his own, but when do cats do anything they are supposed to do?

Bob in his carrier loaded up in the van.

Once he got to the vet he was sedated and had a full physical exam. He gained 5 pounds making him 31 pounds of cute, chubby kitty. Wild Bobcats can weigh up to 40 lbs, but normally the average male Bobcat weighs about 20-25 lbs with females smaller at about 15 lbs. So Bob is a little on the chunky side. He got a clean bill of health other than the fact he does have roundworm. Most likely he contracted this from the other wildlife (squirrels and chipmunks) that are unfortunate enough to make it into his cage and not make it back out. He’ll be on medicine for that.

Bob is safely back in his enclosure where the effects of the drugs are slowly wearing off. He was pretty out of it when staff put him back in, but boy did he look cute!

Want to make Bob feel better? He enjoys a nice piece of frozen fish every now and then and would appreciate it if you donated some. How can you resist this face?



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