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Blandford Welcomes a Barn Owl

28 Aug

Our newest resident, a female Barn Owl, flew in last night from Washington. She has a wing injury that doesn’t allow her to fly, but we aren’t sure exactly what that injury is. She will take another trip sometime next week to our vet for her first checkup.

You guys have no idea how excited we were to meet her!

Within the next few weeks we will be picking out a name for her from the suggestions that you guys have given on facebook or on here, so keep ’em coming. She will be off display inside the center until we feel she is comfortable with both her surrundings and the Wildlife Staff. Here are some pictures of her arrival!

After waiting at the airport for two hours she finally flew in!

Wildlife Staff member Sam Smith shows her excitement!

Taking her out to show her her new home!

There she is!!!!

Welcome to your home!

Want to welcome the Barn Owl yourself? What better way of saying “welcome to Blandford”┬á then sponsoring our newest addition. Help cover her trips cost, her medical care, and maybe some cool new toys by sponsoring her. Sponsorships start at only $25. Interested? Call Sam at 616-735-6240 ext 15


Barn Owl Flying

20 Aug

Here’s a quick video of the Barn Owl flying!

Baby as a Baby

16 Aug

I came across this video we took of Baby a year ago. She was about 2 months old here. I bought her that cat toy when I was an intern and she loved it! We used to let her fly around the wildlife center when she was learning to fly and she would carry that thing with her the entire time. They grow up so fast. ­čśÇ

Barn Owl Update

12 Aug

What an amazing journey this barn owl (who I’ve come to call Schmidt :D) has been on. Since he arrived on May 21st he has been through a lot. From not being able to use his feet to spontaneously hemorrhaging, he has overcome so many obstacles that no animal should ever have to go through. Hopefully because of his experiences we can educate everyone on the horrors of┬árodenticide and the indirect problems it causes on animals.

Now on to the good news!!!! The Barn Owl is outdoors working up his wing strength. He’s been flying back and forth and landing smoothly!!! Such an awesome sight to see him fly especially after seeing him when he first came in. He hasn’t been eating, but that’s normal when birds are exposed to a new environment. We’ll keep an eye on him and eventually will have live prey for him to hopefully catch. If all goes well we will be able to release him!!!! How cool is that? I’ll try to get some video of him flying for you guys to see. Thank you so very much for your support of the Barn and what we do here at the Wildlife Center. You guys are awesome! How about some pictures?

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

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