RIP Montecore our Eastern Tiger Salamander

16 Jul

Today was a sad day for the Wildlife Staff because our Tiger Salamander passed away. We had been noticing that her good eye was a little swollen and she had a cut on her leg, but we had been treating it. On Friday I couldn’t get her to eat and normally I wouldn’t think anything of it (she’s always been a picky eater) but because of her injuries lately I made sure that our other wildlife staff member tried to feed her on Saturday. Sadly there was nothing we could have done.

Montecore came to us in the fall of 2006 where her left eye was swollen. She ended up loosing that eye as a result. She was a major part of our Blandford on the Road programs educating kids about amphibians. She will be greatly missed!

In other news, a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk came into today after it was hit by a car on North 131. He has  a swollen left eye that blood has pooled in. We’ve started him on eye drops and hope that his eye can be saved.

A view of the Red Tail’s good eye. The other is swollen shut.

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