Up to Date Rehab Critter Log

13 Jul

I just thought that I would give an up-to-date list of the animals we are currently rehabbing at the moment. Any animals that you may have seen on here previously and are not on this have either been released, become a permanent resident, or died. If you have any questions about a previous animals that you don’t see just let me know!

1. Barn Owl: He is doing awesome! He still isn’t eating every night, but on most occasions he is. Sometime next week he should be getting out into an outdoor cage and building up his wing strength. Once there we will assess his ability to fly, perch, and capture live prey. We will use this assessment to be able to determine whether he is suitable for release. He’s come along way, but now the hard part starts.

The Barn Owl doing his defensive stance and hissing.

2. Cooper’s Hawk

The Cooper’s Hawk came in with what looked like an old wing injury. He’ll be going out to our outdoor rehab cages to see if he can fly.

3. American Kestrel: Female Kestrel came in with a head injury and is being fostered by our resident Kestrels.

4. American Kestrel: This little girl came in with a head injury. Our resident Kestrels are fostering her.That means four Kestrels in one cage. (3 females and a male…boy do I feel bad for Falco!)

5. Box Turtles:
The male came in because of an ear infection and the female because she was found where someone didn’t want her. They will be released together when the male is ready.

6. Juvenile Barred Owl:
This little guy came in with cloudy eyes…any of that sound familiar? This is exactly how Baby, our resident Barred Owl, came in over a year ago.


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