Keeping Animals Cool on a Hot Summer Day

28 Jun

Here are a few ways to help make a hot summer day a little better for your pets and even the wild animals in your backyard.

1. Make sure your pets have lots of water! If they have to be outside make access to shade available.

2. Never leave a pet in your car on a hot day, even with windows cracked. If the temperature outside is 90 degrees, the temperature inside the car can reach up to 110 degrees! Hot cars can quickly become dangerous to a trapped animal.

3. Provide water in a bird bath or a pool on the ground so your backyard critters can take a dip! You’ll find birds, turtles, and others will stop by to cool off.

4. Turn on the sprinklers near bushes. Cardinals and other birds will there allowing the sprinklers to hit them and become wet.

Here at Blandford our animals get hot too! We make sure our critters have plenty of water and access to shade. Our Bobcat even has his very own pool. Today I used a spray bottle with cold water and misted our resident Turkey Vultures. Because they were hand raised they don’t get scared when I come by and really enjoyed the water. I bet they would love it if I got a sprinkler in their cage! Silly girls!

Turkey Vulture enjoying her cool down spray.


One Response to “Keeping Animals Cool on a Hot Summer Day”

  1. Finn Holding July 4, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Sound advice. I hope lots of people heed the message!

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