Barn Owl Update: Doing Much Better!

22 Jun

The Barn Owl is doing very well and started eating on his own last night for the first time! He is also down to one dose of his medication a day, which is wonderful news. Once he is eating on his own consistently, we will then transfer him to an outdoor rehab cage where he will work on building his wing strength. If he continues to improve as he is he should be able to be released!

A huge thank you to all that have sent in donations for the Barn Owl!!! Your gifts have made it possible for us to give him the utmost care he deserves!

Feeling much better, the male Barn Owl screams as Wildlife Staff prepare to feed him.



One Response to “Barn Owl Update: Doing Much Better!”

  1. Violetmoon6 June 23, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    This is wonderful news. I’m praying for the little guy to make a full recovery so he can be released. I also thank you all who have been involved with all your effort in providing great care

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