Barn Owl in the News

8 Jun

This week has been a great week for the Wildlife Center here at Blandford. We have been getting a lot of press about our Barn Owl! Check out the three stories that have been in the news just this week alone!

WZZM 13 segment (I was so nervous!)

GR Press with Wildlife Staff Lori Martin

Channel 3 News

It’s wonderful to see the community really respond to these stories as we have already received some donations towards the Barn Owl.

UPDATE: On Thursday I was afraid that the little guy wasn’t going to make it. I got him out for his feeding and he started vomiting up blood. I rushed him to the vet where she told me she was now certain that it was rat poisoning. The poisoning is an anticoagulant or a blood thinner. It interferes with the Vitamin K in the liver, which is needed for the synthesis of blood clotting proteins. Basically an animal ingests the poison and will bleed out. Symptoms of this won’t show up in birds who eat mice that have ingested the poison for about two weeks. The treatment is injections of Vitamin K. Today I was happy to see the guy was feisty and aggressive. I got him out for his feeding and no blood! Things are looking bright for the little critter!

Happy Friday! I’m feeling much better!



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