The New Guys on the Block

4 Jun

This week has been wild animal mania! Within 3 days we have had six animals show up here at Blandford. All these guys are available to be adopted!

On Tuesday an immature Snapping Turtle was brought in from the Sandy Pines campground. The little guy is missing his two front feet, which makes him non-releasable. We will more than likely be keeping him as a permanent resident.

The Snapper was probably attacked by a dog or a raccoon resulting in his missing limbs.

A Green Frog was found by our outdoor education staff 5/29/12. He has some sort of fungus on his nose. With fungus its very hard to treat, so right now all we can do is give him his medication and hope that it helps!

The white fungus is located on the frog’s nose. We are treating him with Baytril.

On 5/29, two Blanding’s Turtles came in. One was released the next day and the other died from his injuries.

5/30/12 we received a Eastern Screech Owl chick who’s eyes were visibly cloudy and red. We’ve got him on medicated eye drops and they seem to be helping. He’s eating on his own so that’s a great sign. If his vision clears up we will be placing him in our resident Screech’s cage for him to foster.

Screech owl chick when it first came in. The poor guy couldn’t even open his eyes they were so painful.

Taken on 6/1 the chick is starting to open its eyes more and more. The cloudiness has reduced in one of the eyes, but not by much.

On 5/31 an immature American Kestrel was brought into us after she was found not flying at someone’s work. She has no injuries, but it did look like she may have hit her head. She’s eating on her own just fine, so we will be keeping her for more observations and then it is likely she will be released.

This immature Kestrel is feeling much better from when she first came in. She’s already bitten me a few times!

Today a Great Horned Owl was brought in after someone found him in their backyard. Wildlife staff gave him fluids today to get him hydrated and we will start feeding him tomorrow. He is pretty out of it and it looks like some sort of head trauma happened. Whether it happened when he was hit by a car or if he hit a window we don’t know. We will keep him on fluids and hopefully he can recover!

A very dehydrated Great Horned Owl rests in his cage. He’s tried to get up a few times and doesn’t seem strong enough to do it just yet.

UPDATE: The Barn Owl is continuously showing improvement every day. He was able to perch for us a few times already, but doesn’t seem able to stay up there for very long. He is off his medicine, but is still getting therapy for his toes three times a day.You can visit Blandford’s facebook page to see a video of the Barn Owl by clicking here!


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