June’s Animal of the Month

1 Jun

June’s Animal of the Month: The Great Horned Owls

Common Name: Great Horned Owls
Scientific Name: Bubo virginianus
Sex: Female and Male

About Katherine the Great and Stan

Our female Great Horned Owl, Katherine the Great, came to Blandford on 12/27/1991 where she was found on the East Loop of our property. She had damage to her left wing and came in with sores on all of her toes. Her injuries would not allow her to ever fly well enough to catch her prey.

Our male Great Horned Owl, Stan, came to Blandford on 11/18/1988 after he was found not flying at Grattan Raceway. His right wing was dislocated and the bones had then fused in an awkward position making him unable to fly well enough to survive in the wild

The male, Stan, is the smaller owl on the left and the female, Katherine the Great, is the larger owl on the right.

Nowadays you can find the two owls sitting closely together in their nest box. They might even click their beaks and hiss at you when you walk by. Even though the two  get along well with each other they are not mates. The female, who was found on the property, has a wild mate that still visits her every breeding season. He even brings her dead animal pieces as gifts!

You can help us care for Katherine and Stan!

Blandford is a wildlife sanctuary that allows us to take in animals that do not have the necessary abilities to be able to survive in the wild on their own. Your sponsorship goes towards the feeding, cleaning, medication, and overall love and care we provide for our resident animals. By sponsoring the Great Horned Owls your name will appear on their outdoor cage for all the world to see!  Click here to view the different sponsorship levels and to make your contribution or come on in and fill out a form and visit them in person!

By sponsoring the June Animal of the Month you will be entered into a drawing for a free wildlife gift package! During a wildlife gift package you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with our resident animals by cleaning their cages and feeding them. You will also receive a free wildlife t-shirt and a photo with your favorite critter! Go ahead and sponsor these guys today!


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