Rehab Animal Spotlight

27 Feb

Here at Blandford we take pride in the love and care we provide for the injured wildlife that come through our doors. With this blog I have been able to show and explain what has happened to each of our rehab critters. You get the behind the scenes look into their injuries, status of their release, and sometimes a video of the magical moment when we release an animal back into the wild! But how can you personally help?

You can sponsor a rehab animal! We will periodically have a rehab animal spotlight that features a rehab animal that you can sponsor. Your sponsorship helps to offset the cost of the animals time with us.

Our first spotlight animal is a Great Horned Owl that came to us on 2.21.12 where he had been hit by a car on I-96. After a physical examination we did not find any broken bones, but it was apparant that he had some head trauma. For the next few days he was pretty out of it and wouldn’t eat on his own. Fortunetly he is now eating on his own and has perked up a bit (often hissing and snapping his beak when I walk by). Head trauma takes time to heal. He could be with us anywhere from six to eight weeks. He will also need time in our outdoor rehab cages to build up his strength to fly again (It’s tough being in a little cage for months on end!). We have calculated the amount of money it would take to feed, care, and provide medical attention for him if he were here for six weeks…drum roll…$1000! You can see how much money goes towards rehabilatating an animal.

Sponsorship packages start at $25, but smaller donations will be accepted. With a sponsorship package you will receive a photo of the Great-Horned, a certificate of sponsorship, information on the natural history of Great-Horned Owls, an invitation to the release of the critter, and the wonderful feeling that you helped an injured animal survive!

To donate click here and in the comment section be sure to specify this is for the Rehab Animal Spotlight. For any questions you can email Sam at or call me at 616-735-6240 x15.


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