Death in the Family

13 Feb

Its been a rough week for Blandford staff members. Our female Barred Owl who has called Blandford her home for ten years passed away on Wednesday. She had been struggling with a liver disease for many years and it was surprising that she had lived even this long, but this still doesn’t take away the deep sadness that all of us feel. Many had grown to recognize her as the symbol or mascot of Blandford Nature Center. She was truly an amazing creature who I came to know and love. She was sweet-natured girl who hated getting her medicine. She’d see Wildlife Staff coming with it and start shaking her head. At certain times of the year she would stop eating, making Wildlife Staff have to force feed. She began to fake swallowing her mouse, wait till we left and locked her cage, and then would throw it up making us have to unlock and re-enter the cage to feed her once more. She touched not only my heart with her gentleness and grace, but everyone else she met. She truly will be missed.

"Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives." -John Galsworthy

Sadly, our resident Red-Tailed Hawk Ruby is currently inside right now due to a swollen foot causing her anklet to dig into her skin. She’s on medication and is expected to make a full recovery. Warm wishes her way are welcomed!

Our volunteer Karen holds Ruby while Wildlife Staff change her bandages. You can see how swollen her foot is!!!

UPDATE: The female Great Horned Owl laid two eggs, but once Wildlife Staff put up a protective barrier she abandoned that nest and started a new one, where she laid another egg. Silly bird!


2 Responses to “Death in the Family”

  1. Beth Horrigan February 13, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    i share in your sadness of the loss of the female Barred Owl, i can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a volunteer, and the chance to get to love, and hold this beautiful bird God created. she will be missed 😦
    Beth Horrigan

  2. Denise Blair February 13, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    I’m thankful that there are such good caretakers at Blandford to help the rescued animals!

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