It’s Egg Time!

5 Feb

It has been a quiet week in the rehab center where we’ve only received a milk snake that was found in someone’s basement, but our permanent residents deserve some of the spotlight this week.

If you have ever been to Blandford, chances are that you know about our little Romeo and Juliet love story. Of course I am talking about our resident female Great Horned Owl and her wild mate that hangs around. One of the first birds to start breeding, Great Horned owls will begin mating in late January to early February.  They will mate for life and lay a clutch of about 1 to 5 eggs.

Our female was found on the property not flying. Every year staff catch sightings of her mate and  have even found pieces of dead animals on top of her cage that he has left for her. For the past week or so she has been on the ground at the edge of the cage digging a spot to nest. Today I went out there and she moved just enough for me to see that she had already laid an egg! This egg is not a fertilized egg so it will not hatch. You can see she wasn’t too happy about getting her picture taken.

In other news, Bob our Bobcat turns a whopping ten years old on 02/28! Make sure you come out and wish him a happy birthday! If you can, make him a card or color him a picture and we will hang it up in our wildlife center!


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