Currently at BNC Wildlife Education Center

29 Jan

One of the many new things in the Wildlife Center is our Wildlife Rehab News blackboard. It is currently located just outside the center to the right of our door. There you will find a list of our current critters who we are in the process of rehabbing. Due to space limitations, only a few details are posted. I decided that this post will offer a more detailed explanation of our current guys.

Our Blanding’s turtle came to us after being hit by a car in Kent County on 6/21/11. Its carapace was fractured and was fixed by using epoxy. Epoxy is an adhesive that is often used when repairing turtle shells that have been cracked. The Blanding’s has healed and is now overwintering with us where it will be released once spring arrives.

Unfortunately it is common for us to get in turtles who have been kept illegally as pets. We received two snapping turtles and a box turtle because of this. The two snapping turtles are physically okay and will be released once spring arrives. The box turtle was taken to our vet for care where it was then confiscated. He has liquid pockets underneath his skin and now requires a shot every three days. It is important that wild animals remain in the wild. Not only are you possibly endangering the animal itself by removing it from its habitat, but once removed it can no longer produce offspring ensuring the survival of the species.

Once spring arrives this snapper will be released

Box Turtle receiving his shot

September was the month of Red-Tailed hawks. At one point we had four juvenile Red-Tails, but thankfully we are down to only two.  On 09/29/11, a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk was brought in after it hit the window of Grand Rapids building, which lead to head trauma. The hawk is currently outdoors in our rehab cage building his wing strength up. On 09/19/11, a Red-Tailed was found not flying on the side of 15 mile road in Cedar Springs. Its left humerus was swollen, which could possibly have been because of an old fracture. We waited for it to heal and once the other Red-Tail is released he will get him outdoors.

This Red-Tailed Hawk is currently building up his wing strength outdoors.

Red-Tailed Hawk Found Not Flying

We also have two more  snapping turtles that were brought in during the summer. One, by a Kent County Deputy after being found on the side of the road on 05/12/11. The turtle’s lower jaw was broken and had to be wired back together. She has healed nicely and will be released once spring arrives. The second snapper was found on the Elks Golf Course on 7/11/11 after being hit by a car. His carapace was fracture near the back, so we used epoxy to fix him up. He also is overwintering with us.

This female Snapping Turtle was found injured in the road with a broken jaw.

This guy was found at Elks Golf Course over the summer.

Wildlife Staff want to know what you think! If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see in this blog post a comment. We look forward to hearing from you!


One Response to “Currently at BNC Wildlife Education Center”

  1. Sue Thomson January 29, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    Is it possible to post pictures of the Blandford Nature Center? I think that the photo’s and possibly tags labeling items being blogged about would attract people that have specific interests. I for one would be very interested in seeing the facility since I was not even aware of it’s existence. Great Job!

    Sue Thomson

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