Wildlife Education Center’s First Blog!

20 Jan

We are excited to bring you the Wildlife Education Center’s first blog! Here we will give you behind the scene insights into the lives of our permanent residents as well as updates on animals we are currently rehabbing. We will also provide information about upcoming community programs, frequently asked nature questions, and other fun stuff!

With the New Year here, we have many exciting events and projects in the works. One of which will be the introduction of our juvenile Barred Owl, Baby. Baby, who has juvenile cataracts, was brought to us after she was kicked out of her nest by her parents. Her cataracts limited her sight enough to where she would not be able to survive in the wild. She has been placed on our permit and in the spring of 2012 will occupy the barn enclosure along the Wildlife Trail.

Providing education programs through our “Blandford on the Road” program and still having time to rehab critters is a huge undertaking. We have two staff members who oversee the Wildlife Education Center and many wonderful volunteers that help make the center run smoothly. Our veterinarian, Dr. Vincent, works out of the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming where her specialized skills handle our medical needs.

In 2011, we rehabilitated and released 55 animals of which 34 were birds of prey, 18 were reptiles, and 3 were amphibians. The cost of providing care to these animals is based greatly on donations from people like you! To continually provide quality medical care we need your help. To help you can:

  1. Make a donation. Even a small donation goes a long way!
  2. Sponsor an animal. Sponsor any one of our permanent residents and you are helping to cover the costs of providing care and a loving home!
  3. Book a Wildlife Gift Package. By purchasing a gift package for a loved one in which they get an up close and detailed experience with our critters. Your money goes towards supporting our animals.

So, we hope that you enjoy our new blog and that you come back frequently to see what’s happening in the Wildlife Education Center!


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